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Florida residents learn how to save money and energy with these tips.

Living in Florida is like a tropical paradise with weather that stays nice and warm all year round. But did you know that because of the warm climate, most home owners run their air conditioner all day and all night year round as well. Some estimates show that air conditioning units account for up to 70 percent of your total electric usage in your home and your electric bill.

The good news is there are some great ways to change our habits when it comes to AC use and each can help reduce the energy usage and your electric bills. Following these easy steps can help keep money in your wallet.

Buy the Correct Sized Air Conditioner

One of the first things to help is to avoid buying too large an air conditioner. The belief that most home owners have is that a larger unit will keep your home colder faster thus being used less. However, that is not that case. An oversized unit may actually work to your disadvantage since it won’t generate uniformed temperatures, and it will run very inefficiently because it will cycle on and off much quicker.

Of course the flip side to this is buying one that is too small of a unit for your home size. If the unit is too small it will not be able to properly cool the space and thus constantly work around the clock. To avoid getting the wrong sized unit, home owners should hire a licensed and professional AC company, such as Air Around the Clock, to measure your home and install the unit best suited for your house.

Avoid putting your Air Conditioner in Hot Locations.

Where to place your new ac unit may seem like an easy enough task but did you know that this is one of the biggest mistakes made? Most home owners place their new units on the southwest side of their homes. Why does that make a difference? You see, for the majority of homes, the southwest side of the house features the most direct sunlight. This can cause your ac to work in an overheated environment. Instead you should choose a shady area of the house with less direct sunlight, and help your air conditioner run more efficient.

Proper Air Conditioner Ventilation

Now that you have identified your air conditioner is located in a non-shaded, direct sunlight area, you might think that covering it up or hiding it around shrubs will help. Just be sure that when you do this you do not hinder the ventilation. An air conditioner which has clogged condenser coils and poor ventilation will run much less efficient and cause your energy bill to rise.

Proper AC Maintenance

Most home owners rely on the fact that their air conditioner will be running and keeping them cool. That is until of course your ac unit out of the blue breaks down. Out of sight, out of mind until it’s too late. A good way to avoid this happening is to have a regular scheduled maintenance. Your ac unit should have the filters cleaned or replaced every two months or less. A clogged ac filter will make your unit work harder. Other things to check at least once a year are make sure the drain channels are clean and not clogged, window seals are tight so no air is escaping, and be sure to clean your evaporator coils too.

24 Hours of Air Conditioning

It has been said that keeping your home cooled to a temperature of 78 degrees all day long will help your air conditioner to run more efficiently. However, this rumor is actually not true. Home owners should invest into a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to shut the AC off during the times of the day you are not home and come back on roughly 1 hour before you get home. By doing this, you will keep your home comfortable when you are there and run a much more efficient plan.

Closed Vents not in Use

Another good tip is to not close vents in rooms that are not regularly used. This can actually cause most centralized air conditioners to over work. Since the AC is pushing cold air throughout the house, it will still try to circulate into the areas of the house with closed off vents. Also avoid closing vents in room that contain the thermostat. This may cause the thermostat to read the temperature as being hotter than it actually is and thus keep your ac running maxed out.

Colder is not Always Better

If you come home earlier than normal and your preprogrammed thermostat has not yet kicked on, do not drop the temperature down to say 70 just to get it to cool the house off faster. This simply will not happen. If you are comfortable at 75 or 78 degrees, turn the ac on and set it to your comfort zone and keep your unit from using extra energy trying to get it cold faster.

Thermostat Location

This is a common mistake that is easily overlooked. Where to place the thermostat? Make sure when you are choosing a location you take into consideration that it will not be located near lamps, ovens, and any other heat generating items. This will cause the thermostat to improperly read the outside temperature and over work your AC causing it to run less efficiently.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans, use them. These help to keep the air flow of the house constantly moving and cooler. By doing so, they actually assist your air conditioner to run much cooler and efficient. This will save you money in the end.

Be Smart and Stay Cool

So as you can see, there are some very easy steps home owners can take to reduce their electric usage and thus reduce their monthly electric bill. Working with an experienced and licensed air conditioning company will also help you in this endeavor. So be sure to reach out to the air conditioning experts at air around the clock to schedule your ac maintenance or to ask them any ac related question you may have.