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Cooling cost savings

Cooling Cost Savings

With FPL’s Residential Air Conditioning program, it’s easy and smart to buy an efficient air conditioning or heat pump system for your home.

You’ll save hundreds of dollars on the price of your new system. And the savings will continue for years to come, since a high-efficiency system means lower electric bills month after month. So while a high-efficiency cooling and heating system may cost a little more up front compared to a less efficient system, you’ll recover the price difference in a very short time.

The example below shows the savings possible on your electric bill when you replace an existing inefficient air conditioning system with a high-efficiency system.*
Cooling Cost Example:

Equipment installed before 1990 generally has a SEER rating of 7 to 8. To get the exact energy-efficiency rating of your existing unit, you may wish to contact an air conditioning contractor with the model numbers of your indoor and outdoor equipment, or look at the energy-efficient label on equipment installed after 1988.) For example, if your existing system’s SEER is 3 ton, and you replace it with a system that has SEER rating of 14, you’ll save approximately $700 to $900 a year on your electric bill depending on temperature and usage.