Protect the Warranty of Your Central Air-Conditioning System

Avoid These Four Common Mistakes to Protect the Warranty of Your Central Air-Conditioning System

A newly installed central air-conditioning system always comes with a warranty from the supplier, but common mistakes can disqualify you from claiming on your warranty. You may not know it, but unintentional mistakes are not considered exemptions to voiding one’s warranty. Here are a few suggestions on how to take care of warranty and ensure a long and efficient run with your A/C system especially if you live in places where it can get pretty warm and uncomfortable.

Not signing and submitting warranty information

Many companies like to know who you are and have a record of your warranty. If the supplier of your central A/C system is different from the company that installed the system, make sure you comply with the warranty requirements. If you consider this a bothersome task, then it is recommended that you buy your central A/C system from the same professionals who will install it for you.

Forgetting to keep a file on all actions done on the system

From the official receipt for the system to the installation paperwork and anything you buy or have serviced, you should have an organized and detailed record. This will come in handy when you least expect it including if you ever decide to sell your home or part of the A/C system.

Replacing with non-original parts

It’s like a brand new car. You buy original parts while it’s new and under expensive insurance because you know that it’s worth the investment and protection. With a new central a/c system, you should also stick to original replacement part like the filters and stick to the same professional group who supplied and installed your system. This ensures a smooth flow in case you want to claim something during the warranty period. After the warranty period has expired, you should do research on alternative brands for replacement parts if you want. Just make sure they are of the same, if not better, quality than the original.

Skipping required maintenance

Just because a product is brand new does not mean you should be stingy with maintenance. On the contrary, be vigilant and calendar the cleaning and service inspection. This will ensure the warranty is kept intact and you save on higher energy bills by not running a struggling, dirty system.

Finally, follow these basic rules on maintaining your new central A/C system:

  1. Don’t dismiss sudden and unexpected changes in your electricity consumption bill. This could be a sign that your system is struggling and consuming more power than necessary.
  2. Even if extremely hot, do not rush the cooling down of your home. Lowering the temperature will not make your home cool down faster and will cost more to operate. It would be better to set your thermostat, preferably wireless, between 76 to 79 degrees F to avoid incurring high power consumption.
  3. Keep the space around the a/c system free from obstruction. This breathing space of about 18 inches minimum will help your system run more efficiently.
Avoid These Four Common Mistakes to Protect the Warranty of Your Central Air-Conditioning System