When To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

You think your air-conditioning unit may be on its last gasp. We ask ourself is this When to replace your air conditioning unit? Well it comes down to this: If your a/c unit can’t cool down a room, you need to either have it repaired or replace it. And you don’t want to wait until you’re sweating in your house, desperate for a solution. So When To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

The cost of buying a new unit could seem prohibitive, but repairing isn’t always an option, either. According to a/c professionals, it is recommended that if the cost of repairs is over 50% of the cost of a new unit, it would be better to replace the unit.

The main considerations to study before replacing and installing a new a/c unit include the age, repair costs, cost of a new unit, energy consumption, condition of the existing unit and its cooling capacity.

An air-conditioning unit should last up to 10 years minimum, and even longer if not used daily and maintenance is top notch. Also, if your current unit has been repaired more than twice since you bought it, you could be investing in a losing proposition. You should consider a new unit instead of trying to keep reviving your existing unit. With a new unit, you will enjoy the following:

  • Better technology
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Lower power bills
  • Modern look
  • A new warranty
  • Possible rebates
  • Quieter unit

The Big Question: How Much is a New A/C Unit?

For most people, the idea of buying a new appliance is depressing, even irritating. It could cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on your set-up and not including ductwork. It’s no small decision.

Replacing appliances are almost always never expected and thus not included in one’s monthly budget. It can create an emergency situation – and a cash flow issue – if you’re not careful. According to the financial experts in Moneycrashers, the best time to buy a large appliance is when you are not rushed because the old unit conked out.

This is why it is so important to know the estimated life span of an A/C unit. By the time the 9th year comes close, you should be ready to possibly spend on a new unit. You will get at least a year to plan your purchase and catch sales and enjoy huge discounts.

The best time to buy is when the appliances are considered “off season.” For air-conditioning units, these would be during the cooler months. If you buy towards the end of the year or beginning of a year, you also get the added advantage of deeper discounts from older models or introductory discounts on the latest models.

Finally, never forget to compare prices on air-conditioning units and not rely on published promo rates. You might even find better deals online if you take the time to research all your options.

When To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit