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New 2015 Rebates from ATC!

fpl rebates

Do you qualify for a rebate or discount? American Standard is giving up to $1,000.00 on certain models and Rheem is giving up to $1,200.00 on certain models. Call TOLL FREE 1-866-951-8872 or 1-866-951-8872 for Palm Beach to speak to a professional about qualifying for a rebate.

It’s cool to save money!

Did you know that the purchase of a new air conditioning unit for your home or business can qualify you for a FPL rebate or discount? Learn more today!

Save When You Replace Your Cooling & Heating System. Air conditioner banging? Heater clanging? A/C system failed without warning? Or you’re afraid the air conditioner just won’t last another season? FPL is here to help.Replacing your central air conditioning and heating with a high-efficiency system is easier on a budget thanks to FPL’s Residential Air Conditioning program. When Air Around the Clock replaces your cooling/heating system with a qualifying high-efficiency central air conditioning or heat pump system, you get a discount – as much as $ 1,125.

Plus, you’ll cash in on long-term savings by holding down your electric bill. How much you’ll save depends on how inefficient your old system was compared to the efficiency of the new installation, but savings of $200, $300 and even $500 a year are quite possible for a three-ton air conditioner. Larger units and heat pumps will save even more.

Your exact discount will depend on the type of equipment you have installed, its energy efficiency rating and size. Amounts range from $50.00 to $2,100. If you install a new three-ton (36,000 BTUH) air conditioner -typical for a 1,500 sq. ft home – Even at FPL’S minimum qualifying energy efficiency rating of 14.0, you would still earn a rebate of $195.

Your FPL discount is just the beginning. You can save every month with lower electric bills when you purchase a high-efficiency A/C system. How much? That depends on how inefficient your current air conditioning system is. If your existing system is eight to 12 years old, savings of $200-$500 per year are not out of the question. While the initial cost of a high-efficiency A/C system can be higher than a less efficient system’s, you’ll still save in the long run with lower electric bills. Plus, FPL’s rebate will help take some of the bite out of the A/C installation.

Qualifying is easy.

Purchase your air conditioning system through Air Around the Clock, and we will ensure that your new system meets FPL’s required minimum efficiency standards (SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – of 14.0).

Replace your entire central system – both the outside unit (the condenser), and the inside unit (the air handler). Replacement of just one unit does not qualify. If you presently cool your home with individual room air conditioners, you can still qualify for the discount by replacing them with a new central system. It’s that simple. You’ll get your FPL discount directly from Air Around the Clock.

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