Is Your Home Making You Sick?

You must know that cool or cold indoor air from your air-conditioning unit is not always clean air, right? In fact, this air could be making you sick. Although people assume that indoor air must be much cleaner than outdoor air, indoor air quality can be severely hampered by your […]

How to Analyze Air Conditioning Operating Costs

How to Analyze the Operating Cost of a Central A/C System in Warm Weather Here’s a fun trivia fact: Willis Haviland Carrier was the first to design in 1902 something akin to what we now recognize as the air-conditioning unit. His design made it possible to set controls on temperature […]

Protect the Warranty of Your Central Air-Conditioning System

Avoid These Four Common Mistakes to Protect the Warranty of Your Central Air-Conditioning System A newly installed central air-conditioning system always comes with a warranty from the supplier, but common mistakes can disqualify you from claiming on your warranty. You may not know it, but unintentional mistakes are not considered […]

Smart Changes: Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

You probably know that being energy efficient does not always mean buying new appliances. Sure, in better economic times, it was common for consumers to buy new and get Energy Efficient Air Conditioners. But with money tighter now, it can be wiser and cheaper to repair, even with the cost […]

When To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

When to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit You think your air-conditioning unit may be on its last gasp. We ask ourself is this When to replace your air conditioning unit? Well it comes down to this: If your a/c unit can’t cool down a room, you need to either have […]