Problematic HVAC System?   Recently updated !

Problematic HVAC System? You may be strongly tempted to grab your toolbox and finally fix that HVAC system that’s always in need of repair. You’re tired of the headaches it causes, and figure you can fix it on your own. Here’s the best piece of advice: If you don’t want […]

A/C Repair and Installation Situations When A DIY Is Not Recommended

A/C Repair and Installation Situations When A DIY Is Not Recommended Want to waste a bunch of money quickly? Buy a new air-conditioner and then try to install it without any previous hands-on experience or an existing air-conditioning set-up. While it may seem like a way to save a few […]

How To Fight Allergies Caused By Air-Conditioning Systems

“Can I be allergic to air-conditioning?” Air-conditioning pros get that question all the time. It might cause you to snicker, but it’s a legitimate question, although the phrasing is off. There are factors to consider when someone claims to start sneezing or coughing upon entering and air-conditioned room. It is […]

Is Your Home Making You Sick?

You must know that cool or cold indoor air from your air-conditioning unit is not always clean air, right? In fact, this air could be making you sick. Although people assume that indoor air must be much cleaner than outdoor air, indoor air quality can be severely hampered by your […]

How to Analyze Air Conditioning Operating Costs

How to Analyze the Operating Cost of a Central A/C System in Warm Weather Here’s a fun trivia fact: Willis Haviland Carrier was the first to design in 1902 something akin to what we now recognize as the air-conditioning unit. His design made it possible to set controls on temperature […]