Heater Checkup

Heater Checkup The cold weather will be coming soon and you may need to use your heater. Call Air Around the clock for a $19.99 to get a heater checkup to make sure your heater will work when you need it. A heater checkup is an essential part of your […]

AC Problems in Parkland

AC Problems in Parkland? ATC Air Helps You Keep Your Cool! Many residents love living in South Florida, and welcome relatives to their Parkland home for vacations. It’s at these times you want your AC system to function properly, to avoid the uncomfortable situation of a home that is hotter […]

How to Choose an A/C Service Company

How to Choose an A/C Service Company Do you know How to Choose an A/C Service Company? With the overwhelming size of phone books and the unfathomable amount of information on the Internet, how do you even start to select an a/c service company when the time comes? Once you […]

Everything You Need to Know About Freon

Everything you need to know about freon Freon is the chemical you likely know because of its use in air-conditioning. But do you know what to do with Freon problems? Freon is actually a trade name of DuPont and refers to the refrigerant used to cool an air-conditioning system. It […]

Problematic HVAC System?

Problematic HVAC System? You may be strongly tempted to grab your toolbox and finally fix that HVAC system that’s always in need of repair. You’re tired of the headaches it causes, and figure you can fix it on your own. Here’s the best piece of advice: If you don’t want […]